True Lessons

True's a fast learner, me, not so much.

True learned to sit at a very early age. She learned that it got her praise, that's how she gets her dinner and sometimes it gets her treats. Sitting is a good thing. True is good at sitting. True is not so good at patience... Her way of saying, "Hurry up!" is to stomp her feet. When that doesn't get noticed, she will belt out a "WOOOO WOOOOO WOOOOO!" And then she will launch herself at me. She's like a wind up toy. It makes me laugh every time.

And every time it's the same;
Sit. Stomp Stomp Stomp. Woooo Woooo Woooo! Blast off!

The other morning after I got ready for work, I found I had an extra 10 minutes before I had to leave, so I thought I'd have breakfast. Some homemade granola with soy milk in a Campbell's soup mug. It's yummmmy! True thought I should share....

So of course she popped a picture perfect sit right in front of me...

She stomped her feet...

She belted out a Woooo Woooo Woooo!

Ok. This would be the correct moment to turn away. To block what's I KNOW is coming next, cause I do know what's coming next...

I am NOT a morning person. So maybe I just wasn't quite coherent , because I just stood there looking at my cute puppy. I ended up with granola from my bangs down to my chest. I blinked in disbelief as soy milk dripped from my eyelashes. Coconut curls hung in my hair. The cute puppy gazes up at me innocently. It's hard to be mad at that face.

Guess I better get cleaned up, I have to get to work.

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