It is True

August 27, 2007

Morning comes quickly and it's off to work. Steve and Jamie Sieveking arrived the day before, I will be coming home at lunch time to meet them at the house. I'm in a fog, trying to push through the day, I haven't told many people about Mattie, I just can't take being comforted right now. I've got to push through this week and get these puppies into their new homes. Falling apart is not an option. Lunch time rolls around and I head back to the house. They are waiting for me, I recognize Steve immediately from the Weimaraner Nationals in St Louis back in 2002. They are excited to meet the gang, that's the cool part about breeding dogs, that excitement and anticipation. We spend some time just watching Sparky playing with the pups. She has a long rope toy, puts it down on the ground and waits for 3 or 4 of the puppies to grab on and then drags them around the yard. Before we know it, it's time for me to go back to work. I tell them I think it's going to be purple girl, but to take a close look at green and red boys if they're leaning towards a male. I show them were the cleaning supplies are, wish them luck and off I go.

They are doing some final comparisons when I arrive home from work that evening. They have huge smiles on their faces, fuzz therapy will do that to a person. They compliment me on a job well done. That feel good coming from folks with their experience in Weims. They've spent the afternoon evaluating the litter in terms of conformation (structure), temperament, and trainability. Soooooo???? Who caught their eye? With a twinkle in his eye, Steve says, "If we were 20 years younger, it would be red boy, hands down." His drive and enthusiasm were hard to resist. They said he passed the toe pinch test without batting an eye. "Yawn.... Oh are you squeezing my toe?" But they feared they wouldn't be able to do the boy justice. It was lt blue girl they had decided on. But what about PURPLE girl? I had already prepared myself that she would be the one to go conquer the world. I thought lt blue girl would be the one staying....

Don't get me wrong, both lt blue and purple were extremely nice puppies, the margin separating them was not worth arguing over. Lt blue had a hair over purple in the conformation department and most of that was the fact that purple girl had white and lt blue had none. In most of the other areas, purple bested the rest of the puppies. I felt purple had the most potential, so I was willing to let her go, knowing that she would accomplish great things with Steve and Jamie. I didn't want to hold her back. Purple snubbed them and it was the blue girl who connected with them and well, really, she did fit the bill of what they were looking for. So blue would go, and purple would stay. If you ask me, I think she planned it that way, purple girl that is. She somehow knew that this is where she belonged. And so it was decided over dinner, for me, it is True!

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