Truely Naughty

December 24, Christmas eve

Taking a shower must be a license to misbehave... I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. I just can't get into the spirit this year and so most of my Xmas shopping is not done. I was doing some shopping online the night before, and I left my credit card on the table beside the couch, next to the computer. I went to grab a shower so I could get out and finish my shopping. I was gone about 20 minutes.

First of all, I'm flabberghasted at how she even managed to pick up a small, flat, piece of plastic with her mouth. I call Wells Fargo and explain what happened. They can send a new card, it might take a week to 10 days. Not going to help me now.... It's still readable, so I tell them not to cancel it and I will take my chances trying to use it.

Well, I got a lot of strange looks and laughs, handing my mangled card to the clerks and explaining how it got that way, compliments of one very naughty puppy, but I did get my shopping done!

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