A Truely Busy Week

Week of August 29 - September 1, 2007

Yes, it's True. Purple girl stays.

Steve and Jamie have a Wednesday morning flight back to Missouri. Unfortunately that doesn't leave us enough time to get a health certificate for blue girl to fly back with them. So they will fly back to Missouri, get in their car and DRIVE back to Colorado to get the puppy. Crazy huh? Meanwhile, Diane is flying out from Chicago today, guess it will be 4 for dinner. The ability to be flexible is what keeps me sane.

Over dinner that evening, we talk about names. There's one I've been hanging onto for a while, I think it fits lt blue girl to a T.

Cheyenne's Walk on Water, call name "Faith". Not that Faith will walk on water, but that any of us could if we only had enough faith. It sticks.

Sparky poses with Faith, Jamie and Steve.

It's Little Miss Sunshine, Bella (yellow/teal) girl for Diane, who lost her first weim earlier this year.

Easy going and unflappable, Miles (gold boy) was specially chosen for the Phillips family.

"Mr. Personality", Koda (red boy) will be going to experienced weim owners, Bill and Niki (and Abbey) in WY. They're looking forward to competing with him in the field and hopefully the show ring too.

Handsome and easygoing Starbuck goes home with Marilyn and Roderick, first time weim owners. We hope to see this beautiful boy in the show ring when he gets a little older.

It's laid back Beta (orange/hot pink girl) for Brandon, also a first time weim owner.

And finally Ruby (Raspberry girl) finds a home with Grins and Giggles (they asked for their real names to be withheld). This young couple had a serious case of puppy intoxication.

I stop to catch my breath and realize how quiet the house is with just 2 Weims. What a difference a week makes. Life will never be the same again.

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